Autumn Thatcher
Autumn Thatcher


I love being inspired by people who are way cooler than me.

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Autumn Thatcher

In 2002, I began writing about local artists in Utah for the University of Utah’s art and entertainment magazine. I graduated from art to music, from the college magazine to The Salt Lake Tribune and IN This Week magazine, which led me on a path that would take me to concerts, meeting band members, and writing about their music. I went from writing about local musicians to national musicians, to celebrities, ballerinas, artists, filmmakers, business owners, and more. I interviewed spiritualists, dream makers, go-doers, super hip nerds, and everyone in between.

I could tell you that my bachelor degree in English literature from the University of Utah (with a minor in art history) and a master of strategic communication from Westminster College validate my writing—but I won’t. I prefer my work—and my experiences—to speak for themselves.

Click around and if you have questions, just ask.




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